Specialty Teas

Our Philosophy

There are very few foods and beverages, which have as many facets as tea. It is one of the most important beverages, which manages the balancing act of combining modernity and tradition. The resulting responsibility dictates the way we handle our teas. For instance, the quality of the tea is only one determining factor for the purchasing decision of our tea tasters. Longstanding contacts to plantation manangers, the cultivation conditions of the teas as well as the social conditions of the plantations lead to a trustful cooperation with our partners and the product. The consideration and worship of all these facets is the guarantor for first class quality teas and the preservation of a continuous and high-performing cultivation of tea.

Our Quality

Our tea tasters only acquire raw materials of highest quality. The teas undergo continuous quality controls to ensure that their freshness and quality are not impaired during this time. Our teas are refined exclusively at our processing facility in Hamburg, Germany. Here, we can rely on a team of dependable and experienced "tea makers", who create teas of standards thanks to their enthusiasm and longstanding expert knowledge. The combination of quality aspiration, intensive and longstanding business contacts, extensive know-how and the sensitivity with respect to handling raw materials ensures a continous and excellent quality of teas. When refining our teas with flavors and other ingredients, we focus not only on the best qualities, but are also certified according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), ensuring the respective performance standard and food safety.

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