D&B is dedicated to give tea specialty shops and other tea related businesses the best service combined with a great product offering to satisfy their total needs in equipping their business and to become successful .


Contrary to many teas offered by other suppliers in the US our certified lab technicians are limited by German law to release teas with only minimum amounts of pesticides and chemical free teas. Due to these strict regulations you can be assured to only receive teas from Dethlefsen & Balk which are truly good for your body and soul.

Our industry savvy tea experts have been selecting from tea gardens all over the world with whom we have secured relationships for over a century. Only these good links enable us to provide you with more than 300 special tea varieties some of which are absolute tea rarities and exclusive productions for D&B. In turn our laboratory in Germany is verifying only the best grades and qualities of the season to be released into production.

Competitive Advantage

Being in close and direct contact with tea specialty shops D&B has the advantage to continuously identify new market trends. Having our own certified laboratory enables us to correspond quickly to new market developments. By creating new blends with unique characteristics our customers are able to differentiate from other fellow tea providers.

Our Service to you

In addition to being a mere tea producer, wholesaler and distributor, Dethlefsen and Balk is a major tea refiner. This allows us to control tea production without involving and without depending on third parties! We guarantee availability and a consistent quality of our tea.

Not only do we offer the necessary teas but also any other requirements to you. You will find everything from price efficient strainers over unique Japanese kettles to exclusive electric samovars in the biggest selection of specialty goods in the industry.

…this way leveraging our know-how to you.