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Our Philosophy
Originally, the brand ChaCult was only supposed to serve as a means to communicate the origin of a product to our customers. But, as the years went by, ChaCult developed into a seal for quality and a guarantee of success of a product. We at Dethlefsen & Balk are proud that our brand has become such a strong name in the market. This is due to our strategic concept concerning the brand ChaCult. Our company policy dictates that only items convincing through high quality and excellent design are allowed to hold our stamp ChaCult. We deliver many items, such as Tea-for-One Sets and various filters in the eye-catching ChaCult packaging. In addition, you will find our logo as a bottom stamp on exclusive porcelain, hand-painted ceramics as well as on colourful tea tins. Do you regret, that the strength of this name is hidden on the bottom stamp of the items? As a natural advancement, we have created a decorative element for the brand ChaCult. The new „Cult“ Design is now available on some of our items such as mugs, tins and bags. A further measure to strengthen the appreciation of the quality offered by speciality stores. We will do our utmost to further develop ChaCult to become an even more reliable and successful brand in the future.

Our Quality
Our accessories are mainly presented in speciality stores. This by itself already obliges us to offer special qualities. Therefore, we seek to create products for the speciality store customer, which cannot be compared to mass-produced items in design or quality. A particular focus is put on handmade wares with designs specifically created for us by our artists. The circulation of these items is controlled so that a depreciation of our products due to an over saturation of the market is prevented. However, not only the creativity with respect to the decoration is important for us, the functionality of our products also forms an important factor for the selection of our assortment.

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